2016 Clinics: Contact Tom to host a clinic at your farm!


It's about kindness & patience.


I believe any interaction with a horse should, first of all, be safe, but also relaxing and exhilarating.


This is only possible through a bond built on kindness - through clear and consistent communication - which results in a calm and willing partner.


Kindness instills trust which is essential in the relationship between you and your horse.


Tom Clair

All 2016 clinics are $75 for you and your horse to participate and $10 to monitor. You must be pre-registered to participate.

To register for clinics please make payment below and our office will contact you with further information or to answer any questions:

Register for clinic:


REGISTER EARLY - space is limited!

We accept only a limited number of students in each of our clinics.  This ensures that Tom can spend personal time and work with each person who attends each clinic.


You can monitor clinics for a small fee, but if you wish to participate with your horse, we urge you to register early and secure your place. Anyone who wishes to attend ALL clinics is eligbible for a reduced rate (one clinic free) so please contact us for that rate.

Trailer Loading

May 9th (raindate 10th)


Get ready for the riding season by tuning up your horse and teaching him to load easily, calmly, and without stress for you OR him!

Ground Control

June 13 (raindate 14th)


You line your horse up next to your mounting block, prepare to mount and he steps away from you! Tom will show you how to teach your horse to “move over”. This can be away from you, or move closer to you with just simple signals.

In the Saddle

July 11 (raindate 12th)


Have fun with your horse while you learn to get better control. Tom will show you how to teach your horse to move in ways that make riding more fun.

Riding Clinic

Aug 13


Clinic will be tailored to riding needs of the registered participants. Tom will cover as many of them as possible in time allowed. Clinic will run from 10am (please plan to arrive at 9:30 and be tacked and ready to ride at 10) to 1 or 2 pm. Only EIGHT riders accepted for this clinic. Auditors welcome.


Sept 10


Have fun with your horse! Tom will teach you to work with your horse on crossing obstacles, being around scary things (like the terrifying BALLOON! Or the horse eating TARPS!), and your horse will learn to move gracefully through it all! Only EIGHT riders accepted for this clinic.

It is not necessary to attend the previous clinic in order to participate in ones later in the year.


Each one IS a progression, however,  and the more you can attend, the more well rounded you and your horse will be (and the easier the later clinics will be for you).