Where will your horse stay when he comes here for training?


Our facility is located at our home in the beautiful Hudson Valley, New York area.


When your horse is boarded with us for training, he is at our home and treated just like one of our own horses. We have a separate barn for the training horses with private turn-out for them (pictured below), but also close enough to the other horses to keep them comfortable and not feel alone.


We have a round-pen and an outdoor arena on site as well.


All owners are expected, and encouraged, to come on-site to participate at the end of training to learn and see what your horse has been taught.


You are also more than welcome to visit your horse during his or her stay with us.


Tom's wife Kerry is the primary caretaker of the horses while they are here, and she is more than happy to text you pictures and videos while your horse is with us on our farm!