About Tom Clair

Tom's training provides, and then builds on, a solid foundation for all horses regardless of breed or discipline.


Tom uses a conditioned response system, that's kind and easy for the horse and rider to understand.

This provides a positive platform that builds trust, and will help to ensure an exhilarating bond that will last for years.


Training is available for your horse, or you AND your horse. Tom can come to you for daily lessons, or your horse can come to us for longer training.  If you prefer, you may also transport your horse each day, instead of boarding them here during that training period.

Training can be to meet specific goals, solve problems, enhance performance, start unbrokes, and more.


We take horses in for training on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


  • Daily (hourly) training onsite is $75, at your location $90 (additional fee may be charged if over 20 mins travel)
  • Weekly training fees are $300 a week, plus $15 a day stall fees.  
  • Monthly training fees are $1000 a month, plus $15 a day stall fees.
  • Trailer loading is $250 until horse loads multiple times, calmly, easily and comfortably.
  • Transport of your horses(s) is available at $1.50 a mile, roundtrip.


Instruction/training for the horse and rider can be on a private basis, semi private basis, or in a clinic.

Private - you and your horse

Semi-Private - 2 to 4 people and their horses

Clinics - 5-8 people and can be tailored to meet your needs


Demonstrations, symposiums and seminars are also available. If you would like to attend, or schedule one, please contact us.

 (*Please note that these fees are subject to change depending on horse and/or distance)